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We are Proud to Provide the Finest Jewelry & Watch Repair Service in the Chicago Area for Over 25 years of Experience in the Industry

Claudia’s Jewelry Inc provides high grade watch repair for any brand or watch model with proper care and maintenance to ensure that your timepiece performs to a full potential. From a quick watch battery replacement to removal of links, a new watch band or custom strap replacement to a complete overhaul, and with our on site repairs services, we’ll have you on your way in no time.

We also carry stock of watch battery and bands for all brands. Don’t risk ruining your watch! Avoid putting scratches on your watch by attempting to open it yourself. Don’t take the risk of marking it– or worse by breaking the crystal, stem and crown which can lead to a high price in repairing it. Let us fix it for you. Come to us for expert service. Our unparalleled experience with all types of watches, from the simplest children’s watch to the most complicated luxury watch as well popular watch brands on the market.

Our expert watchmakers also seal and pressure check watches for all water resistance watches. Our highly trained technicians will clean the contact and inspect the gasket before inserting a high quality and long-lasting battery. Claudia’s Jewelry Inc specializes in servicing quartz and automatic watches. We are experts in watch repair quick and hassle free fixes such as watch battery replacements for all major brands while you wait .


An overhaul is a service that is provided for watches that need it in order to work in good condition for daily use and wear. If your watch is running bad or not running at all, an overhaul, also known as COA (cleaning, oiling, and adjusting)  is needed. Over time, watch movements dry up inside and parts might be worn out or broken in the movement inside. This causes the watch to not function properly. An overhaul will fix any problems that a mechanical or quartz watch may have and make it work again like new.

A complete maintenance overhaul on a watch consists of the following:

Complete dismantling of the watch and movement followed by an inspection of all the components.

Cleaning and replacement or repair of worn or damaged parts in the movement (Any additional parts needed will be an additional cost).

Control of watch for at least 72 hours including timekeeping, water resistance test to factory specifications, as well as visual inspection.

We recommend that a periodic overhaul is made to quartz watches that are not working properly or have not been worn for a while every 5 years. For mechanical watches, it is recommended that they are cleaned and oiled every 2-5 years. This will maintain your timepiece in a good working performance for generations to come.

We have a full service equipment shop to repair any type of watch. If your watch is not running, bring it in our shop so we can check it for you and give you a free estimate. You can decide from there whether you would like to fix it or not. All of our work in overhauls are guaranteed.

Because every second counts, here at Claudia’s Jewelry Inc we offer extended watch repair services for any type of watch and band at any age. Putting your trust in us will ensure that your timepiece will receive the superior care it deserves. Our tailored services are designed to get your watch working with an excellent performance.

Stem & Crown Repairs

Did you hit your watch and the stem of your watch is now broken? Is your stem rusted or came apart? The stem in your watch won’t wind, or doesn’t stay in? Or just has worn out with age?

Don’t worry our expert watchmakers will find a quick solution to any of these problems. We deal with broken watch crowns and stems every day. We can assure you we can fix it and make your watch function again.

The crown of a watch is the little knob on the side that is used to set the time. Watch stem & crown repair can be very important if your watch happens to stop working. In order to keep your watch running accurately, the most common functions of a watch crown are to allow you to change the time, date, to wind the watch, and to stop the watch. The stem is attached to the crown of the watch and goes into the movement.

If a watch has a broken stem and crown, it can be replaced most of the time with original parts to ensure the highest quality repair. This will prevent the watch from getting damaged on the inside. If these repairs are left undone, it can cause damage to the watch such as water damage or the build up of dust particles which will lead to a more extended repair on the watch.

Watch Repairs Offered

  •   Mechanical / Automatic Watch Repair 
  •   Watch Battery replacement
  •   Watch water resistant test
  •   Watch crystal fitting & replacement  {Glass & Plastic}
  •   Dial finishing
  •   Polish Of Bands & Cases
  •   Short minor repair
  •   Watch Band Replacement Leather- metal
  •   Crown & Stem Replacement
  •   Hand fixing & Replacement
  •   Quartz Conversion
  •   Seals & Gaskets
  •   Complete Overhauls for any brand watch
  •   Complete Restoration
  •   Watch band clasp repair and replacement
  •   {Butterfly clasp –inside open and push button style.
  •   Tri fold clasp, fold over style,singlefold style}
  •   Diamond & stone setting into faces, bezels,and bands. And More…..

✓ Same day repair or while you shop!

✓ We Repair what others can’t

✓ Open 6 Days a week

Crystal Replacement

A new crystal on a watch always makes a big difference on how a watch looks. It is absolutely no fun when you accidentally break the crystal on your favorite watch. However, the good news is that it can be repaired. We can replace any type of damaged crystals.

Usually made of acrylic, mineral glass, or synthetic sapphire, the watch crystal is the protective cover that shields the face of the watch which serves as an important role.

We custom cut and fit both mineral glass and optical plastic crystals that are unusual or hard to find. Any size and shape are available upon request. Our professional team of experts can replace and/or restore the glass on your watch in no time. Let us replace the crystal for you while you shop.

Before Crystal Replacement

After Crystal Replacement

Claudia's Jewelry Inc Watchmaker
Claudia's Jewelry Inc Watchmaker
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On-Site Watch repair full service

Master Watchmaker on duty 6 days a Week with over 25 years experience. Same day repair or while you shop! We Repair what others can’t

We Appreciate your Business

We know that keeping our customers satisfied is what keeps them coming back. We will go the extra mile to meet the needs of our clients.

No repair job is too small or too big for us

Our master Watchmaker have encountered nearly every jewelry repair scenario imaginable. We are happy to take on any repair challenge.

high-quality service Since 1997

We only use the best quality meterials, Integrity and Reliability has Earned Us a Reputation that is Unsurpassed.

Haven't found the solution for your repair ?

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Watch Battery Replacement

As careful you can be, a watch eventually grows old and needs a battery replacement Despite sounding like an easy job, replacing a watch battery is a lot harder than it seems. One needs the help of a professional watchmaker in order to deal with the complex machinery in side. If you notice the hands are jumping in multi-second increments, when your watch stops keeping correct time or just stops running. this will be a sign of a new battery replacement is necessary, we offer this service while you wait, it is available for any brand name watch at an affordable price.

CAUTION!  Your watch crystal and case can be easily scratched, or the stem & crown can be damaged when closing the case back or removing tiny screws, if you damage your watch by trying to remove the battery or installing the wrong battery, or even breaking the crystal which can result to a bigger problem, repair, and price.

Come to us for expert service. Our unparalleled experience with all types of watches, from the simplest children’s watch to the most complicated luxury watch as well popular watch brands on the market. 
Our Expert watchmakers also seal and pressure check watches for all water resistance watches. Our highly trained technicians will clean the contact and inspect the gasket before inserting a high quality and long-lasting battery. We have been experts in watch repair quick and hassle free fixes such as battery, Watch battery replacements for all major brands while you wait.

CAUTION! This can happen when you are not using the proper tools

Watch Seals & Gaskets

Water is the biggest enemy of a watch. When a watch is showing condensation or leaking water, this means the gasket has to be replaced for a new one. Watches have Gaskets because they protect your watch from water, dust, oils, dirt, and other residues. Also known as “O” rings Gaskets, are made of rubber, neoprene, nylon or Teflon which form watertight seals at the joints where the crystal, case back and crown meet the watch case.

Gaskets form seals around the stem of the crown, pushers, and correctors and sit inside the case and the crystal. Over time, they dry out and lose elasticity and the ability to form a proper seal. This explains why regular testing is so important for maintaining the water resistance of a watch and this will prevent your watch from damages inside the movement from water.

Water pressure testing

The water resistance of a watch depends on the condition of the case, the back, the crown and pushers, the glass, gaskets and seals.
Most watches will have some form of water resistance rating printed on the dial which is the watch face, over time, rubber seals will dry out and start to crack, especially if the watch is used in salty or chlorinated water. If the seals are worn out, they can always be replaced.

Also if the seals are in good condition, applying the correct greases will maintain their good condition at each reseal. Once your timepiece has been correctly sealed it is time for a pressure test, this pressure test can be done in a variety of ways. The most common of these are either a water test or an air test. A pressure test will confirm that your watch is still water resistant even though a repair has been done to it.This test is normally required after a new battery has been installed to the watch or when other case repairs are done for example glass, winder, or pusher replacement.

Air pressure testing

This method also tests your watch seal against a pressure vacuum.This means that if the seals are damaged and leak, air will escape your watch case, but no water will enter it.This method is fail-safe, and the watch is not submerged in water at all, even if your watch seals leak, it will not be damaged if it fails the test.

Water pressure testing

The watch is placed in a chamber which is half filled with water and half air.Our leak testing equipment determines where the watch is leaking. Air pressure is increased while the watch is out of the water, then the watch is slowly immersed into the water.

Once the watch is completely immersed, the air pressure is slowly released. If bubbles come out of the watch it means that air seeped into the watch prior to immersion . which gives away the location of the watch leak.this means the water might be coming in from the back case, crown, or from the crystal this also means the watch is not water resistant. Based on this procedure we can conclude the repair that is needed to correct any problem in the watch.

Movement Conversions

A “Quartz Conversion” consist of replacing your watch existing mechanical/electric movement with a modern electronically regulated quartz movement. This might happen when the original movement can not be fixed by parts not being in stock or available anymore. By this happening the watch may sometimes loose some features that it had before. Eventhough changes are made to the watch by the changing of the movement the watch will continue to work properly.

When your watch or clock refuses to keep time, a quartz conversion may be your best option. Sometimes parts are no longer available and can also be very costly. Perhaps you are simply just tired of winding up the watch.Converting it to quarts can be an excellent choice for repairing an older wind-up watch.
With a quartz conversion your watch will look the same and simply need a new watch battery every two or three years, this can make maintenence for your watch more affordable.

Watch Polishing & Refurbishment

Over time your watch will start to look worn and scratches will appear on the outside of the watch, We offer a complete polishing service that will refurbish your watch to a near new condition. Here at Claudia’s Jewelry Inc. our watch experts are able to refurbish any type of watch in any brand.

In this service both the watch case and bracelet are fully polished We remove all scratches and defects a band may have. No one handles watches better than our experts, We have the best and latest machines and tools to make your watch look like new, refining its originality. When you combine the right tools, the right experts, and the right type of work, you get a timepiece that looks as good as the day you first purchased it. We have polished and refurbished hundreds of watches over the years and are experts in our field.

A watch polishing and refurbishment process consists of removing all scratches and defects that the watch may have and most scratches can also be removed from acrylic glass if it is applicable. If your watch has a mineral or sapphire glass it can not be polished to remove the scratches, but we can replace the glass if necessary at an additional cost.

Watch Band Replacement & Repair

We carry a wide variety in watch bands in the following material: leather, Stainless Steel, Titanium, nylon, textile, plastic, ceramic, stretch bands etc. We stock straps and bands for every budget, value bands and exclusive straps from prestigious manufacturers all at great prices. 

Adapting and repairing watch straps, as well as buckles and clasps for all types of watch bands. We also have access to a large selection of factory band parts, including clasps, links, end pieces, and buckles. We have the ability to hand craft parts and weld watch bands. There are many options for this service including replacement and adjustments, and custom strap replacement, The bands can be replaced for a new one while you wait, and we also adjust bands to the right size by adding or removing links at an affordable price.

Hand fixing and Replacement

Over time your watch hands can wear out, bend, or even break. We can Restore the luminous material to your watch hands, correct bent hands and change the color or metal of the hands at your request. Also we can replace the hands to new ones or fix the ones the watch has if they  are not very damaged.

Any adjustment necessary can be done, we have everything you need to replace or renew your watch hands and get your watch running again, as good as new. Whether you need a second hand, hour hand, minute hand, or a sweep second hand, no matter what style of hands your watch uses,we have just the right replacement watch hands you may need.

Full service watch repair Since 1997

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