You will know when it needs to be replated. The metal color will start to show it’s original {yellowish} hue. Usually this will be on the bottom of the ring or on sides, where it gets most of the wear and tear.
Do not get worried when the back of your ring starts appearing dull or you see tinges of dull yellow on the surface this is a natural process when the rhodium on the surface of white gold starts wearing off and the original milky yellow gold starts to emerge on the surface, Discoloration may occur on the unplated areas,
You might be reading this because you are unhappy that your ring is getting “yellowish” and you want to know what is happening and why.

But this is no reason to panic. You can always get the shine and brightness of your white gold ring back to its original glory by getting rhodium plating done by our certified Jewelers. Ensure that you take care of your jewelry with our rhodium plating services here at Claudia’s Jewelry Inc.

Rhodium plating is a common procedure that is utilized with jewelry to enhance the scratch resistance of the surface while giving it a brilliant reflective appearance. But, what is rhodium?

Rhodium is a precious metal, a member of the platinum family. Rhodium electroplating is used, especially on jewelry, to provide a surface that will resist scratches and tarnish, and give a white, reflective appearance.
If you want to maintain the distinct sheen, exuberance and beauty of your white gold rings and precious jewelry forever, rhodium plating or dipping is a great option. Rhodium plating will not only enhance the reflectivity and luster of white gold, but also make the diamonds on it shine brighter and appear more clear and brilliant.

There is nothing quite like the beautiful bright white finish that rhodium gives to a piece of jewelry. With its bright, glittering and reflective qualities from a few feet away it’s hard to tell where the stones end and the metal begins.Because rhodium is so bright and makes stones look so stunning,

Does the rhodium plating last forever?

It depends on the piece of jewelry and how much friction it gets. For earrings and necklaces, the rhodium plating may never wear off. But for rings that are worn daily, the rhodium plating may only last a year or two. It really depends on how much wear your ring receives.

Why is rhodium used in jewelry?

Almost all white gold jewelry has been rhodium plated. The reason is because gold in it’s natural color is yellow. Think of the color of a gold nugget it’s not white. So to make white gold, pure gold is alloyed with white metals, This bleaches the color and whitens it. However, the color is more of an off-white. Kind of a dingy
white-ish color. Definitely not the color of platinum or high polished silver. In order for white gold to have a nice crisp bright white color like the platinum, the jewelry is rhodium plated. This plating really improves the appearance of the white gold jewelry.

How often should you Rhodium plate your jewelry?

We recommend that you have your rings plated every one or two years depending on your usage. When you notice that there is less sheen and reflection from your ring, simply bring in your jewelry piece and we will inspect it for you and give you details on our best recommendations that might be needed.
Do not doubt that we can change the appearance on your ring, or on any other jewelry piece. It doesn’t neccesarily have to be a ring it can be a chain, bracelet, pendant, earrings, or watches.Give us the challenge of correcting what other’s couldn’t get done right is guaranteed. You will see that the service we offer is very professional, you will be a satisfied customer.

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